A Stealth Fintech startup

"In the twisted threads of knots,
we find the essence of algebraic thinking and neural networks,
connecting through language understanding,
the boundless capacity of the human mind,
with the intricate patterns of the market."

Our goal extends beyond just financial gain. Driven by the potential for change, we're motivated by the opportunity to enhance the entire ecosystem. Encroaching changes from AI are swift and revolutionary; our unique technical strategy, refined through years applying AI in the financial industry and other complex systems, will allow us to lead this coming market change, by radically automating previously complex and unreliable processes, and creating new capabilities with the potential to transform the way market participants can operate and create value.

The Team: Our team is composed of visionary individuals with financial industry backgrounds and deep knowledge, research experience at top institutions, prior start-up founding experience, stellar technical execution abilities, and access to high-leverage players in the industry. The last decades have seen ever smaller teams be able to deliver what previously took hundreds of people years to do. And each time, capability also advances as fast cycles allow for more creative control. We have identified an operational and technical stack – combining AI with other new transformative technologies – that we believe is the next step change, creating a radically new performance envelope.

Milestones: Our goal for this initial phase is to demonstrate the transformative value of our approach through a series of proofs of concept. We have already created a successful technical infrastructure and obtained initial data. Next, we plan to finalise the data pipeline and roll out a simplified version of AI-based trade execution.  After which we we have a multitude of potential pathways to follow. 

Why Stealth? Perhaps surprisingly, most recent major innovations in the field of AI have been completely obvious once explained, and so our strategy is to go directly to financial markets with the secret sauce.