A Stealth startup 

Large Language Models (LLMs) represent a phase shift in how we can engineer, challenging our assumptions of what is now possible. We believe this change is even greater than it first appears. 

Humans fundamentally manage themselves through dialogue. Money, titles, governance, and the legal system can be seen as specialized subsets of this. It is hard to change the existing systems, and we lack good metrics. What if there was a way to unify all our societal systems and prove it was better? Not rely on alchemy, but engineer it better. 

This is about taking the last big step to integrate scientific thinking into our society, fixing its problems, and truly making them work for us humans. This involves combining LLMs, Modern Control Theory, Constraint Solvers, Simulation, and People. Think of how the space and silicon manufacturing industry use constraint solvers and modern control theory to reach their incredibly high operating envelope. What if this could be used more widely?

Crucially, we are going to need humans to be better decision-makers so that we can safely wield the technologies we have for the good of all. We need to start getting serious. Imagine if incredible organisational and decision flows could be achieved by anyone. 

We would want these systems to be designed for the good of everyone and ensure they do not fall into the wrong hands. There is something fundamentally missing in our current models of money, governance, and the legal system that requires attention and repair. To demonstrate the efficacy of this technology, we may initially deploy it in the markets to enable us to compete based on the speed and quality of insight as they provide feedback that is clearly quantifiable. A place where thinking right and fast matters more than in nearly any other domain.

Our vision is the ability of streamlining speed and quality of insight such that a very small team can outcompete a much larger organisation.The past few decades have shown that ever smaller teams are capable of achieving what once took hundreds of people years to accomplish. With each advancement, our capability to innovate and control creative processes has accelerated. We have identified an operational and technical stack, powered by AI, that we believe represents the next significant leap forward, creating a radically new performance envelope.   

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